Wailuku River State Park – Best Things To See

When a person thinks of Hawaii, different images may come to mind. Many people think of the beautiful beaches, whereas others are imagining walking through a tropical rain forest. Still others will consider the many different waterfalls that they have probably seen on television, or perhaps on movies, that are located in the Hawaiian Islands. If you happen to be traveling to the Island of Hawaii, one of the more popular destinations is on the Hilo side of the island where you can see Wailuku River State Park.

Wailuku River State Park

There are two very well-known natural features within this part that people photograph thousands of times every year. One of them is close to downtown Hilo called Rainbow Falls. If you were to ask a native Hawaiian where this was, they might refer to it as Waianuenue. It is a very unique waterfall, a waterfall that actually looks very small, but it is roughly 80 feet in height. It has a very unique appearance because of the cave behind it, and the way that the waterfalls in the pool below. It is divided in the middle, creating a unique water flow that is unlike any other waterfall in the world. The other place that people visit is called The Boiling Pots. It is also known for the waterfall called Peepee Falls. The waterfall actually flows directly into the Boiling Pots and is a short eight minute drive away. It is a very beautiful location, a place where people go swimming, and also to take pictures of this natural wonder.

Visit Wailuku River State Park

If you do get a chance, definitely see this State Park. While you are at Rainbow Falls, you will be able to see the rainbow write about 10 AM. There is also a legend in Hawaiian mythology that an ancient Hawaiian goddess called Hina actually lives beneath the waterfall in the cave. You may not see the goddess, but you will certainly see the rainbow over the water if you are there during this time. This should certainly be part of your trip to Hilo, a place that will provide you with many pictures and memories.

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