Waipio Valley Hike – A Magical Location You Need To See

The Waipio Valley Trail Hike is one of the more difficult hikes on the Island of Hawaii. However, it is incredibly rewarding. Whether you are flying over this area, or walking through it, you will be astounded once you are there. You are going to begin at the top and hike your way down. It will go about 800 feet, descending down into what the Hawaiians called the Valley of Kings. It is very lush, a tropical location that literally looks like a valley out of a fairytale. There are many waterfalls, and the black sand is very unique. This is what you can expect once you start to do the Waipio Valley Hike.

Waipio Valley Hike Overview

This is very similar to the Pololu Valley hike as it is at the top of the island. However, you are going to arrive here starting from the east side of the island. You will drive all the way to the end of Highway 240, crossing through the town of Honoka’a, all the way to the Waipio Valley lookout. That is how you will know that you have arrived, and you can get ready for your hike down. It has a 25% grade which is extremely steep. There is a beautiful waterfall called Hi’ilawe, and many other beautiful things to see. Although the hike is very steep, it will be worth every minute.

Plan Your Hike Into The Waipio Valley

It will require you to bring plenty of water and snacks with you. The hike up is really the most difficult part of the entire trip. As long as you take your time walking up, you will have no problem at all reaching your car parked high above the area where you have just left. Once you are done head over to Tex Drive Inn for lunch or dinner after your hike. Definitely consider adding the Waipio Valley Hike to your itinerary when you are visiting this largest of all of the Hawaiian Islands.