Waipio Valley Lookout – Best View On The Big Island

One of the reasons that people truly enjoy the Big Island are the amazing views that you can see on the coast. All of the Hawaiian Islands have incredible views, but there are so many more on this largest of all of the Sandwich Islands. If you are heading north into the Hamakua from Hilo, or if you were in Waimea heading east, the Waipio Valley Lookout is a great destination to stop off and truly enjoy one of the most unique views on the island.

Waipio Valley Lookout

The Waipio Valley Lookout is one that you will find as you are passing through Tex Drive-In in Honokaa. It is through this small town of about 2200 people that you will head down Highway 240. You will see beautiful scenes all around you, taking you about 7 miles to the lookout itself. Once you pass the town of Kukuihaele, right at the end on the edge of the Waipio Valley, you will see the turnoff to the lookout.

What Will You See There?

As you look down from the lookout, you are going to see a fertile valley, one that actually descends about 5 miles. It is only 1 mile across, but it has absolutely beautiful undulations of green plants all the way up. This is part of the Waipio Valley, an area where King Kamehameha spent time when he was younger. Thousands of Hawaiians used to live here, but today there are only about 100 that live adjacent to the rivers, taro fields, and waterfalls. Be sure to bring your camera with you as you will see Hiilawe Falls, the tallest of all the Big Island waterfalls descending 1450 feet. It goes all the way down to Lalakea Stream, and creates an absolutely beautiful picture. It is something you should enjoy with a significant other, or friends and family members that may come with you to this one-of-a-kind spot.

Take Guided Tours

One of the best things about the Hawaiian Islands as they are always catering to tourists. You are able to take a tour that will provide you with a guide as you ride through the area on horseback, go hiking, or take a guided van tour if you prefer. They will tell you about the legends and stories associated with this region and why it is such a special place. It is a very steep road, one that can only be handled by a four-wheel-drive vehicle. Find out more about the Waipio Valley Lookout before you take your trip to Hawaii.